Student Accommodation Berlin

Going on Erasmus to Berlin? Are you looking for an affordable student accommodation Berlin? Follow our guide to find a nice and cheap flat for your Erasmus stay in Berlin!

Student Accommodation Berlin

Berlin consists of a number of boroughs each having their own unique style. Some of the more popular areas include Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. Most of the international schools are located in the West of the city. British oriented schools are located in Charlottenburg and Spandau and the American oriented schools are located in Dahlem and Kleinmachnow. If you are looking for long-term accommodation you can search for rentals at They offer shared accommodation, single and multi-room apartments as well as houses. Use Google translator to translate the page for you if you don’t speak German. Another option is conducting a search on Craiglist Berlin.

student accommodation berlin

If you plan on staying in Berlin for longer than 3 months you will need to register with the local Public Office or Anmelden. The Public Office you register with will depend on where you live. You will need to bring your passport and a copy of your rental agreement to the Local Public Office to register.

Erasmus Accommodation in Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is a charming locality northeast of the city centre in the borough of Pankow. Characterized as trendy and bohemian, the neighborhood is popular amongst the younger generation and artists, and with the spread of gentrification, more upscale establishments have opened up in the area. Prenzlauer Berg’s landscape is predominantly urban with fewer green spaces than in other parts of Berlin, but you can enjoy a small park in the area.
City planners originally developed this fascinating neighborhood in the late 1800s as a working-class area for factory workers, who lived in tenement housing. After World War II, when Prenzlauer Berg became part of East Germany, artists, scholars and students largely inhabited the area. During that time, the neighborhood was far from pretty and the scenery was bleak. When Germany, and Berlin, began their re-unification process in 1990, things began to look up for this working-class area and its residents.

erasmus accommodation berlin

The cityscape began to change, with many tenement houses painstakingly restored and painted in attractive colours. With the spread of capitalism, art galleries, restaurants, pubs and funky boutiques opened throughout, and Prenzlauer Berg quickly became a vibrant, creative hub for nightlife, art and shopping. Today, because of gentrification, the area is more residential and upscale, but it retains aspects of its bohemian past. Considered one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Berlin, it has grown especially popular with young families, erasmus students and expats.
Prenzlauer Berg is a fantastic place to people who just find a cozy spot in one of the area’s many sidewalk cafes. When you feel ready to explore, trade in people-watching for window-shopping and journey to Kastanienallee, a decidedly welcoming thoroughfare known for its trendy clothing and design shoppes. During warm weather months, the Prater, Berlin’s oldest beer garden, is a lovely spot to relax and enjoy authentic German food and beer outdoors, under the chestnut trees.

Kulturbrauerei is another local attraction, the site of the former Schultheiss brewery renovated into a multi-purpose centre for entertainment and dining.
The Wasserturm is another of Berlin’s oldest treasures; it is the oldest – and still working – water tower in the city. For a dose of greenery amidst the concrete, you can visit the enticing Kollwitzplatz and Helmholtzplatz. They are public town squares surrounded by leafy streets and plenty of coffee shoppes, restaurants and boutiques to go around, but for an extra special treat, go to Kollwitzplatz during its market day. A popular, upscale farmer’s market takes over a few streets every week, where vendors sell produce, organic food and artisan goods. You can find another green oasis at the People’s Park, where bronze statues dot its landscape.
A large Jewish community used to thrive in Prenzlauer Berg during the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the Jewish Cemetery on Schönhauser Allee, covered in ivy, is a prominent landmark. German-Jewish painter and printmaker Max Liebermann and opera composer Giacomo Meyerbeer are buried there. Just to the east of the cemetery sits the Rykestrasse Synagogue, the largest in all of Germany with one of the loveliest interiors, built in the neo-Romanesque style in 1904 and meticulously restored in 2007. The Gethsemane Church is another tourist attraction, a combination of Romanesque Revivalism and neo-Brick Gothic, featuring a towering spire and outdoor sculptures that include a copy of the Geistkämpfer, by German expressionist sculptor Ernst Barlach.

More Erasmus Apartments in Berlin

Apartments in Berlin are numerous and fairly easy to rent, especially in comparison to London or Munich. Prices are quite affordable for international students, so you made a great choice when you decided to do your Erasmus in Berlin

Advice for flat hunting

Set aside at least two weeks, and ideally two months for flat hunting. This will also vary according to your budget and needs. Temporary rentals offer accommodations without a lengthy contract or big deposit, while you get yourself sorted out. The typical procedure involves visiting properties you’re interested in, applying for the unit and waiting while the landlord processes the applications for potential tenants. Apartments in popular areas will take longer to acquire doing to increased competition from other rents.
Renting as a ‘Nachmeiter’ means assuming another person’s lease, where those moving out will vouch for the new tenant with their landlord. Usually passing the credit check will earn the landlord’s approval to lease the unit.

Student Room Price in Berlin

  • Leasing Example 1- Fee is roughly 400 Euro warm for a two-room flat, about 64 square meters, with a balcony and hard wood floors. Located in Teptow, it’s only a 10 minute walk to Kreuzberg or a 20 minute bus ride to Alex. Can’t find this kind of place, at this price in London!
  • Leasing Example 2- Cost about 900 Euro warm. This flat was a three-room unit of about 95 square meters. By comparison, for a one bedroom flat in the UK, it cost 650 pounds, so the financial winner is definitely the Berlin unit.
  • Example 3: Over time rents increase. Upon first moving to Berlin in 1990, rent cost 220 DM or 110 Euros a month for a 2-room flat both in Kopenick and Friedrichshain. The mid 90s saw rents inch to 440 Marks or 660 DM for a 2-room unit if Prenzlauer Berg. Currently rents cost almost twice those rates, but are a great exchange considering you don’t have to look over your shoulder and live in a nicer place.